Can I move my BT Email address to another account?

You can get our email service in two ways:

  • The optional, Standard email that comes with any broadband package from BT
  • The paid for Premium email service

Please note: Some customers may still use an old email address from BT that isn’t currently linked to either of these services.

You can link any BT Email address to another BT Broadband or Premium Mail billing account as long as:

  • You’re the account holder of the gaining account
  • The gaining account already has an email address linked to it
  • You know the password of the email address you want to move

We’ll allow the move even if it means the gaining account has more than the 11 email addresses allowed. But you won’t be able to create any more email addresses on your account unless you delete some first.

Move an email address (mailbox)

Before you start, check that the gaining billing account already has an email address linked to it by logging in to My BT with your BT ID and selecting the option to Manage BT Email. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to create one. Once you’ve done this, you can use the link below to move the email address. You’ll be asked to log in to My BT again.

Remember, only the gaining billing account holder can import an email address.

Move an email address >

You’ll see the number of email addresses you’ve used when you log in. Select the option to Import an email address.

Import an email address

You’ll need to provide the email address and password of the email you want to move and select Enter.

If the email address is linked to another BT ID, you’ll be asked to provide the details of this too.

Once the move is complete, you’ll get a confirmation message and the email address will be shown in your email management page.