How can I close down an old hacked email account?

Many users who have been facing an issue with BT, especially the older customers. When the service for BT was passed on to Yahoo, the users of BT internet who had switched to other email services like Gmail and configured it. then, they start to receive emails from companies they never visited from this old BT internet account to their new email account.

This can obviously lead you to believe that your previous account has been hacked. However, you may not necessarily be able to log in to this old account from anywhere to resolve this issue. The old account BT account will most likely tell you do not have a mailbox at all. Naturally, you will wonder how you received the mails in the first place.

In such a case, there are separate scenarios that may be taking place. A few years ago, the complete Yahoo email system was hacked into. These hackers harvested the users’ details back then. Now, they have all of the users’ contact details and can send them spam mails or phishing mails whenever they want to. So the emails are not really coming from where you think they are coming, but rather form a hacker who is using a spoofed up email address, making it look as though it were your old account. This makes the email look safe and genuine.

You can check if this is the case by hovering over the from section in your email with your mouse and carefully going through the email address from which the email had originated. If it is a hacker, then deleting your previous account will make no difference. It is best to not respond or react to those mails at all.

If you still wish to delete it, it is possible to delete the BT mail address by going on to the email management page. The email address can be terminated at any point of time by account holder or the email address’s holder whenever they want. If you happe to change your mind later on, remember that the BT account holder can retrieve the account at any time within two months of the mail address being deleted. It is a simple, clear process which will retrieve your complete account as it previously was. You can also set up a new BT mail address whenever you want to as long as the BT broadband service you use remains active. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if your email address was given to you by your BT Broadband account holder, it is advisable to move your mail address to the BT Premium Mail.

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